Friday, March 30, 2012

Well, I have to say the sight of Palo Duro Canyon is beautiful. But I have to also say that I really don't like the park's policies. Just because my teardrop trailer has a power cord I was forced to camp in a 50A RV site to the tune of $25 a night. Not Cool!
I am currently set up just north of Albequerque NM. I hope to put a few faces to some of the names I have known on the FTE website for years. Travel plans were to head to the Grand Canyon Sun. but the forecast is for 20-35 MPH west winds. My truck really doesn't like strong headwinds. Might have to stay here till Mon.
I'll try to get the pics of Palo Duro up tonight.


  1. I guess your just gonna have to turn up the wick on that litle MB .......

    1. Yeah it looks like I need to feed it a little more fuel, I ended up fighting headwinds all the way to Flagstaff.